The Woman in the Bridge


The Woman in the Bridge is a dialogical performance for two people, commissioned for Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art's ArtBar event in 2012. It is centred on a lesser-known political history of Sydney Harbour Bridge, which was constructed during the Great Depression into World War II.

´╗┐In this two-way performance, Lily engages the audience in a miniature theatre and the shared reading of the script in two parts: Mrs Bradfield, the Bridge builder's wife, is read by the participant, while Lily plays the spirit of the old Harbour Bridge, now razed. Together, they take turns to read out their lines to each other. A flimsy set made of an enlarged print of Sydney Harbour Bridge provides the scenography.

This script can be performed by anyone...

MRS BRADFIELD: Who the hell are you?

BRIDGE: I'm Sydney Harbour Bridge!

MRS BRADFIELD: You don't look too good. What happened?

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