Sun Servant


Sun Servant is a recollection of the future. Inspired from Simone Weil's essay 'Decreation' about the role of death in producing life, set in landscape of reclaimed rubber this video installation feels its way through the wasteland of our dispossession of the natural world.

In this 9-minute performance video, I lie in a grass circle in the Western Desert, where an ecology of fire reignites the seeds that lie in wait. I read aloud extracts from the story of 'Maria: or The Wrongs of Woman' by Mary Wollstonecraft, published after her death in 1798. Abandoned by her husband to an asylum and divorced from her child, Maria is dead to society, an archetype of uselessness. The shadow of a dead star passes over the expiring Sun. However fearful, this moment is a state of change and not a conclusion for the woman, the fire and the eclipse have this in common: a future born of erasure and loss.

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