Book Bus


BookBUS is a live reading activity that visited three inner city Sydney sites from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th November 2010, commissioned by P4 (pilot) in conjunction with Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts and Performance Space, Sydney. Collaborating with The Footpath Library, a collection of donated books were transported in a mobile book van. Coordinated by artist Lucas Ihlein, a team of volunteers read to visitors aloud from a book of their choosing. Listeners were encouraged to share their thoughts about the experience following the reading and to keep the book if they like.

Photos by Lucas Ihlein and David Urquhart.

BookBUS is about the way we invest and imagine ourselves within a book. It reminds us how the books we read create a sense of who we are, both through our original encounter with the story and thereafter on all the occasions we re-conceive ourselves by recollecting the book anew. BookBUS seeks to foster the art of storytelling to revive the experience of the book as an object that helps us to create, carry and share our dreams, ambitions and memories.

This work was commissioned by Performance Space and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2010 as a part of P4, a live art initiative supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and by the British Council.

This booklet was specially produced for the event, designed as a manual for readers and participants alike. It is available to download.

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